Shipping and Return

Hello friends ! Thank for your interest in our products. Your support means a lot to a small independent brand like us.
We shipped your products around the world from Indonesia.


We're using Regular shipping for any orders that's connected to your local post office (USPS & DHL) and will arrive around 1 week for Southeast Asia and 2-3 weeks for other countries. Your patience is appreciated.

Please raise any question you may have to us at your earlier convenience to [email protected] or [email protected]

- We mostly received our international orders from USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia. 
- Please PUT YOUR PHONE NUMBER for shipping purposes.
- Sometimes the post office need some VAT/tax number from you, we'll email you if needed.


Unfortunately we don't do return policy.
 Please communicate your orders carefully to us if you have any doubt before buying them to avoid return.
 We'll make sure to package your orders carefully to prevent damage in shipping :)
 We're using a special packaging box for small and fragile items.


We’ll surely help you relocate your missing packages! In some cases when the post office mislocated the package they’ll refund us and we can refund you. 

But if the package has been marked DELIVERED to you we’re not responsible for the missing package. There are cases where the package was stolen, or mixed up in your neighbor’s mail or received by other member in the family and unfortunately we cannot be responsible for that.

If your mail has been marked delivered and you haven’t received it you can do these steps:

  1. Ask your local post office. In some country, they hold your mail in their office until you pay a certain amount of immigration tax, maybe you can check on that.
  2. Wait a few days, often times there is a delay in the system to your doorstep.
  3. Ask your family, neighbour or security around your complex. There are cases of misdelivered packages that were found like this.

Shopping in our store that means you're agreeing to our shops' policy.
Please see FAQ for more info about our products and brand.

Thanks for reading & supporting artist run brand!